Wondering why Baker City Police stopped me

Last October, I was stopped by two Baker police officers while walking to my motel in the evening. They told me they didn’t recognize me and wanted to be sure everything was all right. This struck me as a very odd reason to approach a law-abiding visitor to your very nice town. I volunteered that I was there to research the family history of my grandparents, former longtime Baker residents Myrtle and Roscoe Lee. Officer Regan was nice enough to give me the address of the school district office, where I hoped to find photos of my grandmother. Both officers were friendly and pleasant and didn’t abuse their authority in any way. This encounter seemed very odd to me, since I had to wonder if they stopped every tourist on the streets on a busy summer night.

Is this the normal procedure your officers follow when they see a stranger on the sidewalk? I’ve had many very enjoyable trips to Baker, while meeting folks who knew my father, uncles and grandparents. I’ve encouraged my cousins to go on a “roots trip,” like I have. After inquiring about this encounter, I appreciated your chief of police giving me his perspective on this topic. It was still an unsettling experience and to this day I have to wonder if the officers had a legitimate reason for the stop and if I can expect the same thing to happen on my next trip. Any feedback or observations would be appreciated.

Stanford Lee


Wondering what Sumpter will do with pot money

My husband and I have lived in Sumpter for 28 years. We have seen a lot of changes in those years, some good, some not so good. As concerned citizens we were apprehensive about voting for the cannabis stores to be part of our community. We eventually voted yes on the assumption that it would NOT be deposited into the general fund but be put in a separate bucket so the citizens of Sumpter could see specifically what it was being used for.

For instance, in the “Around the Water Tower” monthly publication from City Hall, which we just received this past week, they received over the budgeted amount of $16,000 that goes into the general fund so it was laid aside for the streets? Could we as citizens know how much they set aside? We have so many things that need done in our little community to keep it up to standard. Like streetlights and much needed street repairs and maybe even sidewalks.

Colin and Opal Scott