Bill in Congress would help TV translator district

Last year many Union and Baker County residents were impacted by the FCC’s auction of the 600 MHz spectrum utilized by the Blue Mountain Translator District to broadcast several of our television channels. Between September and December 2017, the District was forced to repack 11 channels using new frequencies, resulting in loss of signal for viewers several times that fall. While the federal government did not originally offer to reimburse the District for repack expenses, the House of Representatives has just voted to approve Ray Baum’s Act, which includes reimbursement funding for impacted TV translators. We thank Rep. Greg Walden for his work on this bill, and we urge our viewers to join us in contacting Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden to ask for their support of Ray Baum’s Act. For more information, contact the District at 541-963-0196, at or

Christina Wood

Baker City

Blue Mountain Translator District director