Hermann best-qualified for Justice of the Peace

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Josie Hermann for Justice of the Peace. In her 30-year career in the justice system she has worked in nearly every conceivable position other than attorney. She has been a court clerk, probation officer, private investigator, alcohol and drug evaluation specialist, and most recently and significantly, Justice of the Peace Pro-Tempore for Baker County, completing an unexpired term for the position she now seeks to permanently fill. This breadth of experience as a servant of the people clearly separates her from the other candidates.

Beyond her technical accomplishments and experience, I have found Josie to have the perfect temperament for the requirements of the position. The Justice of the Peace adjudicates minor criminal matters; civil claims; conducts marriages; handles traffic, boating and wildlife infractions; and evictions. In my professional interactions with her, I have found Josie to have the even demeanor, compassionate disposition, integrity and good judgment to find fair resolutions to these sometimes emotional issues. Her common sense and knowledge of the laws of Oregon, as well as her pioneer roots in Eastern Oregon, will serve the people of Baker County well in the execution of justice. Please join me in supporting Josie Hermann for Justice of the Peace on May 15.

Lois Grushka

North Powder

Impressed by Brent Kerns’ qualifications for J of Peace

It is with great respect that I wholeheartedly support Brent Kerns for the position of Baker County Justice of the Peace. Brent’s attitude and common sense position him as the perfect candidate for this job, which requires a conscientious approach to the variety of decisions that come before the Justice of the Peace.

In my experience in working with Brent on the Baker County Development Corporation, or with Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, and as a neighbor, have been constantly impressed by his ability to assess the situation at hand, look and listen to all sides, and thoughtfully express a strategy to move forward in a constructive way. His dedication to family, along with the greater community, coupled with a constantly positive attitude make for the perfect hallmarks of a person we would want making decisions.

Please get out and vote, first and foremost. As you consider the position of Justice of the Peace please vote for Brent Kerns.

Alice Trindle


Bill Harvey stands up for county citizens’ rights

I’ve known Bill Harvey for many years. He’s an awesome builder, contractor and businessman. He has fought for each and every citizen of this county. He’s used his own money for research and to help protect your rights. Talk with Bill Harvey and thank him. He invites you to come and share what you would like to see done. If it wasn’t for Bill the miners would be up a creek plus there would be no mushroom picking, hunting, fishing or anything because he’s worked hard to keep the roads open.

Citizens of Baker County need to realize that this is our property and not the federal government’s. They were only formed to manage the forests. If you care anything about your rights at all then vote for Bill Harvey. I’ve called the commissioners’ office at various times and Bill Harvey is the only one who has ever returned my call.

Dean Spence

Baker City