We’re fans of Oregon’s Adopt-A-Highway program but we also recognize that trash is rather less conspicuous to people traveling at 55 mph compared with, say, 25.

Which is one reason we’re excited about the new Beautify Baker campaign.

Rocky Brown of Baker City came up with the concept last year, and in common with many good ideas it’s a simple one.

Businesses or other organizations will adopt a section of public right of way, and the city will help to organize volunteers willing to pull weeds, bag trash or otherwise clean up those areas. Brown’s plan was to focus on the city’s entrances, where visitors form their first impression of the place.

There’s nothing draconian or punitive about the project. Volunteers won’t start work without the permission of the property owner responsible for a particular section of right of way.

This sort of beautification campaign is appealing because the results can be both rapid and obvious. A few hours of toil in a weed-infested, trash-laden strip of ground along a street or road can yield major benefits.

Robin Nudd, the city’s community development liaison, said the program possibly could be expanded to include having volunteers help residents with maintenance and repairs on their homes.

We have a great affinity for Baker City and we’re certain that our affection is widely shared. We encourage everyone who feels the same to consider joining Brown and the other volunteers in this worthwhile effort.

If you’re interested you should call Nudd at 541-524-2036 or Brown at 541-518-7112.

From the Baker City Herald editorial board. The board consists of editor Jayson Jacoby and reporter Chris Collins.