Brent Kerns has the skills to serve as Justice of the Peace

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Brent Kerns for Justice of the Peace. I have had the privilege to be employed by Brent in the past. He is honest and hardworking. Brent loves Baker County and its people. He is always ready and willing to help people better their lives and prosper. Brent is solid in his beliefs yet open-minded to listen to all sides of the situation. I believe he is the candidate with the skills and dedication for the job. I recommend a vote for Mr. Brent Kerns for Justice of the Peace.

Cally Boehs

Baker City

Impressed by Bruce Nichols’ work as commissioner

I am writing to voice my opinion for the position of Baker County Commission Chair and I wholeheartedly believe that person is without a doubt Bruce Nichols. I have followed his actions for the time he has been a commissioner and I like what I see, read and hear about his input and actions.

A lot of folks say you can’t run government like a business. I don’t believe that. There may be some things that will have to be done differently but we need someone in the chairperson position that knows both sides and the difference between the two. Bruce Nichols is that person. I also think he will be able to work well with other county and federal agencies.

I will close by saying I think Bruce will work tirelessly to follow up on anything he commits himself to do and has proven that he isn’t afraid to investigate things going on that may not have been on his plate but he’s always looking for facts and truth.

Please think long and hard about your choices. It is a very important position. Vote for Bruce Nichols.

Mel Cross

Baker City

Nichols has proven to be worthy to serve as chairman

I have known Bruce for many years, personally and in business. I have found him to be fair, honest, hard working and a good friend. We need a Commission Chair that will listen to the issues, listen to his constituents and make the decision based on what’s best for the County. Bruce has proved as a commissioner he is willing to do both. Let’s keep Baker County relevant in the state, not on the outside looking in. Join me in electing Bruce Nichols for Baker County Chair.

Scott Warner

Baker City

Duman has ample experience for Justice of the Peace job

In attending the AAUW candidates forum, I came away appreciating the strengths and attributes each candidate brings to their race. I specifically focused on the Justice of the Peace race. Each candidate presented well and I realized that my main criteria had to rest on experience and a knowledge base that relates to the position of Justice of the Peace. Ray Duman has the requisite experience in spades.

I have known Ray for 30-plus years and I am very familiar with the knowledge and experience he has acquired through his many years with the Oregon State Police. The training, education and experience Ray gained in his career in law enforcement prepares him exceptionally well to discharge the duties of the Justice of the Peace. I know, having worked with Ray, that his background in traffic enforcement as a patrol trooper and his 23-year tenure with the Criminal Investigation Division — with 12 years as the East Region criminal supervisor — make him extremely qualified to be Justice of the Peace. The fact that he spent his career in law enforcement ensures that he has the knowledge base in search and seizure law to correctly assess information and ensure that mistakes, which can be costly and damaging to Baker County, are avoided.

Ray’s experience, training and skill level are assets that will serve all of our residents and will ensure that the Justice Court will be run professionally and fairly. Since a large percentage of the Justice Court’s responsibilities are associated with law enforcement issues, one of the most salient attributes Ray Duman possesses is the knowledge of what good police work is and what officers need to do to live up to the standards and expectations our citizens deserve and professionalism demands. In making decisions, whether in civil cases, traffic violations or criminal matters, Ray Duman will use his knowledge, experience and common sense to arrive at a fair, reasoned and appropriate outcome for the citizens of Baker County. Please join me in casting your vote to elect Ray Duman our Justice of the Peace.

Randy Crutcher

Baker City

Nichols has demonstrated strong leadership ability

The Herald editorial board article of April 25 brought insight into some issues. Weed Board and Lime Plant are two. I believe there is a fundamental problem that defines the level of functionality of commissioners as a government body. A failure to coordinate with and involve fellow commissioners in topics such as the Lime Plant is not my idea of leadership. Listening with respect still supersedes in value over chastising another. My conclusion is that Bruce Nichols has demonstrated going the extra mile to listen to ALL voices, and seek practical common ground solutions to issues in balancing the needs of citizens of our county. Mr. Nichols has demonstrated he is a team player at all times to fellow commissioners and citizens alike, maintaining a position of positive, respectful listening skills by which to understand and to seek grounds for solutions. This includes his relationship with federal, state and county governments. This approach brings strong results focused on accountability. I find Mr. Nichols has demonstrated his strong leadership ability and deserves your vote as Commission Chair.

Richard Haines

Baker City

Josie Hermann best qualified for Justice of the Peace

It was with great pleasure and anticipation that I learned of the candidacy of Josie Bates Hermann for Baker County Justice of the Peace. I have known Josie for 45 years and can’t think of a more capable, qualified and honest person for the job. Judge Hermann has a background and work experience catalog that overwhelmingly prepares her for this position. She has worked for the Oregon State Judicial Department in the Union County Circuit Court; as a probation officer for the Baker County Parole and Probation Department; owned her own private investigation firm; and is currently serving you as the Baker County Justice of the Peace pro tem.

She has already attended the Judicial College, which is a huge benefit and savings to the electorate. The community would also benefit from the continuity and seamless transition that would occur if she is elected. All of her background, training and experience makes Josie very well-rounded and gives her the unique advantage of having seen legal situations from a wide variety of angles. Her judgments and decisions would be based on the law and her multi-faceted wealth of experience. I believe she is the most highly dimensional of the candidates, and that is an important trait for a fair and equitable judge. It’s hard to believe there could be another candidate with as much training, knowledge and hands-on experience as Josie.

On a personal level, I can testify to Josie’s veracity and common sense. She is an energetic, organized fourth-generation Bakerite, proud of her community and the no-nonsense approach Bakerites take to their personal and business dealings. Josie will serve the community well and I urge you to elect her Baker County Justice of the Peace.

Kimberly Recla


Voters should consider candidates’ stance on abortion

Ballots are in the mail. I received mine recently. Oregon now has the most liberal abortion law in the nation.

Last year, pro-abortion leaders in Salem passed a sweeping bill expanding access to abortion that requires virtually all health insurance policies to cover abortion with no copays and without needing to meet deductibles. In addition, our tax dollars will pay for most remaining abortions not covered by insurance.

ABC News summarized Oregon’s new law this way:

“The Oregon bill is unique, in that patients would have access to cost-free abortions for virtually any reason, at any time, including sex-selective and late-term abortions.”

– July 5, 2017

Furthermore, these tax-paid abortions are available for undocumented immigrants and people just arriving from out of state. Lawmakers have literally handed Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry a blank check.

In other words, Oregon is now the abortion capital of the nation.

I urge every citizen of this state to vote for right-to-life candidates in all legislative races and the race for governor.

I will cast my vote for governor for Sam Carpenter and my vote for the Oregon Senate for Cliff Bentz.

Be sure you know where your candidate for every position on the ballot stands on the right-to-life issue. If we get this issue wrong, we could be allowing and paying for every abortion in the Pacific Northwest.

May God hold us responsible if we allow this to stand.

Prayerfully submitted,

Alberta Bailey

Baker City

Considering the source of a political endorsement

Considering the political cesspool Baker County’s neighboring county has become under the regime of the past 15-plus years, I would think that your local residents would look with askance at anyone in your political race that has the support of that neighboring County Court member who has shamed the residents and violated ethics, honor, loyalty, and decency all in the name of personal interests and sitting in the pocket of the U.S. Forest Service. Everyone in the political arena leaves a trail of his/her past and that should be examined with great care. Their oath of office is binding but is the first thing to be ignored when self-interests, financial gain, and the call of fame overshadows the promise to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Oregon. Honor is a fleeting thing when an elected official is called upon to protect the rights of the people in the face of overreaching federal supremacy set upon taking away public land access. Weigh your options carefully. I sincerely hope you neighbors will have chosen the officials who will make our County one to be proud of again.

Judy Kerr

Canyon City