Harvey has done amazing job; no need to change now

Why change leadership now? Those who sit on the sidelines and do not attend the commission meetings have no idea that changing the leadership from Bill Harvey to Bruce Nichols would be detrimental to the county. After reading the other letters to the editor, it concerns me that people are being led along the wrong path. I encourage you to read the commission meeting minutes to see that Bill Harvey must remain in his position. Changing gears right now would be absurd and a waste of time and money. Who would want to spend their valued tax dollars on a revolving door? How many of you have seen businesses with employees that change as often as the clothes on their backs? They fail! Bureaucracy remains and the people continue to become collateral damage.

If Bruce Nichols is elected, then the only people to blame for the failures would be the ones who elected him. I’m sure he is a wonderful CPA, but this is not the time to put him in the position of commissioner chair. Bill Harvey has done an amazing job. It would be a travesty if he was not able to continue. Ask yourself “have I been professionally hurt by Bill Harvey’s leadership”? If not, then re-elect Bill Harvey and think of him while shopping at Grocery Outlet.

Carrie Mathews

Baker City