Republicans need to think about general election too

To Republican primary voters: If you want to replace Kate Brown, please consider voting for a candidate who in the general election in November will have a chance of attracting independents and disaffected Democrats. A conservative Republican will not have a chance of winning statewide.

Kirsten Badger

Baker City

Why is Harvey touting GOP cred for nonpartisan office?

Not too long ago the voters in Baker County voted to have the commissioner race nonpartisan, at least I thought they did. Making a call to the election commission in Baker City I find that this only applies to the primary because all three candidates are Republican.

(Editor’s note: Although the office of county commissioner is nonpartisan, which means all county voters are eligible to vote in the May 15 primary, candidates themselves can express their personal political affiliations.)

This being said, that this is nonpartisan, why is Bill Harvey advertising in the Hells Canyon Journal that he is a “stronger Republican” and that he has the Republican Party elephant symbol in his ad? In the voter’s pamphlet he is running as a nonpartisan, so what gives?

In my opinion, Bill Harvey should withdraw from this race, as apparently he did not understand that nonpartisan means it is for everyone running for a position.

On another note, just why is county commissioner political anyway? Just what has a state or national party to do with the operation of this county? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tom Nash


Nichols not responsible for what others do with signs

Having been the father of my son for the last 66 years I feel as if I am quite qualified as to his good character.

The letter by Elizabeth Mattern states she is not accusing Bruce Nichols of stealing or tearing up Bill Harvey signs — just implying as much. She wrote that “this is just dirty politics.”

I agree with that. Bruce Nichols is NOT into dirty politics! I’m sure he has no control over what others do.

I’m sure that Bruce goes to bed at night with a clear conscience.

Gary Nichols

Baker City

Downing is qualified to serve as county commissioner

Voting is a privilege. Not everyone in the world has the freedom to make choices. I would hope that you will take this opportunity to express your opinion. Let the west side of Oregon know that we are here.

There is a young man running for Baker County Commissioner who deserves your consideration. Mike Downing is qualified for this leadership role. He has experience and background and has shown the courage to make hard decisions.

If you don’t cast your vote, you haven’t the right to complain.

Gus & Kay Markgraf

Baker City