City, county need to learn about budgeting

I always thought balancing the budget meant don’t overspend. Apparently the mayor, manager and the councilmen think this is old fashioned so they add $3 per month to a few thousand water bills and call it protection money. Sounds like a Mafia thing. Now there is a petition out to force a councilman to step down, to the tune of $6,000 tax dollars. We also have a couple of lawsuits against the city police. Maybe we should have several stepdowns and by the way, don’t we have the right to know exactly in black and white what the criminal damage and charges are against the councilman?

Now we have the county in the same boat, spending tax money like there is no tomorrow on the old lime plant. The commissioner says the plant is a hazard. The county just decided this after 19 years, give me a break. Why has the county not sold the old plant at a sheriff’s sale and collected some tax money? As it stands now, that property will have to sell for over half a million to break even, and we will be stuck with the taxes until it sells. If a person builds a new 1,500-square-foot home in Baker, the taxes, insurance and water bill will add approximately $250 per month to the house payment. This is crazy and probably the reason for the big building boom we have here.

Bruce Nichols knows what a dollar is all about and could save a sum of tax money and tax problems.

Grover Mann

Baker City

Josie Hermann clear choice for Justice of the Peace

The Baker County court system requires not only adherence to our state statutes and regulations, but a judge who understands how the court systems of our county and state work.

A judge with both integrity and common sense is imperative to provide impartial oversight and fairness to the community it serves. As a longtime resident of Baker County, I have had the pleasure to know and work with Josie Hermann for many years. She has spent her career working in the court system and in law enforcement. She has served the past year as Justice of the Peace, Pro tempore, and has presided fairly and honestly as judge. Her long educational background in this field along with being a graduate of the National Judicial College sets her apart as the clear choice for our next Justice of the Peace.

When we, as citizens of a community, choose elected officials to serve, it is important to choose the most qualified candidate. One with integrity and the educational background and experience to best serve. One who will preside impartially and who has a record of working in the best interest of the people. That candidate is Josie Hermann. I encourage you all to open your ballots and join me in casting my vote for Josie Hermann as Justice of the Peace.

Laurie Marcum

Baker City