I like deer — in their normal habitat out of town

In a recent article about Baker City’s deer problem (“City Mulls Deer Control,” May 9, 2018), a state biologist was quoted as saying that “For every person here who doesn’t like deer, there are three that do.” The article then went on to say that I belonged to the group that doesn’t like deer.

Just to clarify, I, like most people in town, do like deer, when they are in their normal habitat outside of town. On the other hand, I don’t like them destroying my fruit trees and flowering plants, threatening my dog, leaving me disease carrying ticks, or attracting dangerous predators to the neighborhood. I doubt that others would like deer endangering their children, stomping their pets, eating their vegetable garden, or otherwise destroying their property either. So it’s not really about whether people like deer — it’s about health, safety and property damage. That’s why they don’t belong in town.

People who intentionally feed deer may not realize that by doing so they are encouraging a burgeoning health and safety problem, not to mention attracting deer that will destroy their neighbor’s property. It really is time for the city to deal with this situation, as many jurisdictions around the nation have, by using the tools allowed by the recently passed state legislation. Just two deer can be responsible for the production of over 30 more in just 7 years, so if nothing is done, things will surely get much, much worse.

Christopher Christie

Baker City