We’re creating a society of whiners, not winners

As I watched the news, I’m bombarded with people’s “feelings” about this subject or that topic. They raise the question of “bias” in our educational system. We’ve become so politically correct and sensitive to “feelings” that we’ve come to trust our feelings rather than the truth. The old saying “truth hurts” has a lot of merit sometimes. If the truth offends, is it still the truth? Or can we manipulate it to something else that feels good? If we do, is it still the truth?

Our colleges used to have debate classes to teach us to argue a particular point in a controlled environment so that we might broaden our minds. But I’ve learned that some students are offended by those types of classes and now so-called higher education institutions are removing those courses. Really?

Have we become so sensitive that even a argument for the truth is no longer allowed? What happens when these snowflakes awaken in the real world? We are setting ourselves up for failure and no hopes for the future when the smallest controversy sends us into therapy. We need to embolden, fortify and instill resolve in our young people, not teach them to throw their hands up and cry until the world changes its mind.

We have created a society of whiners instead of winners. The smallest task becomes overwhelming and creates a sense of being over worked. Grow up! We have men and women dying doing their jobs. You want to be cuddled when the world mistreated you or gave you more than an eight-hour work day? Or someone posted something you didn’t agree with on Facebook? Well get off social media and step into reality, folks.

The real world hurts but those hurts teach us strength and give us courage to stand up and speak and seek the truth, even when it hurts. Build some character and depth to yourself.

My two cents anyway.

Thomas Wilcoxson

Baker City