Schools should teach evolution and creation

It has come to my attention that science classes are studying evolution. Of concern to me is the issue of indoctrinating students. Education should be teaching all sides of an issue. No one wants religion in the schools but let’s face it — there is religion in the schools and it is called anti-religion!

I say this because both evolution and creation are based on one’s world view. We cannot go back to witness our origin, so both are based on a belief system or religion. Both sides use the same evidence such as fossils to support their belief and draw conclusions based on their world view. Education should be about teaching students how to think, not what to think. The tenets of evolution and creation should both be taught in science class.

Scientists are obligated to explore all possibilities, aren’t they? Many great scientific discoveries in the past made by Kepler, Newton, Faraday, Herschel, Joule, Lister, Maxwell, etc., resulted because these scientists viewed the world through biblical glasses. I wonder if they would be allowed in today’s classrooms?

An article from Answers magazine, Oct. 29, 2017, “The Great Species Mixup” by Tom Hennigan is viewable online at The article discusses “kinds” and “species” and its contents accentuate how the goal of education is compromised by excluding creation simply because it brings up the creator, God. Evolution has a god as well; it is man. In the study of origins, it is either man’s word or God’s Word and students should have the opportunity to hear both sides and let them decide! Each individual will be given the opportunity at their own death to validate which world view is correct.

For those reading this who have concerns about mixing religion with anti-religion in the classroom, it is an interesting fact that the first Bibles printed in the United States were printed by Congress for public schools. Churches met in government buildings in the founding years of our country before church buildings were constructed. Monuments all over Washington, D.C., reference Scripture. My opinion is that God is as integral to creation as Darwin is to evolution in teaching the subject of origins. We should give the students the tools to think critically and make up their own minds.

Judy Price

Baker City