Flags were wonderful; cemetery needs work

Best things first: A sincere thank you to all the Memorial Day flag volunteers from various organizations, who faithfully and respectfully place the hundreds of American flags at Mount Hope Cemetery to honor veterans, family members, and loved ones! Always awesome and heartwarming to see the flags all waving in their glory!

Happy thought second: Thank you to unknown gentleman who was so generous and kind to have purchased lunch at Eagle Cap Grill for two groups of ladies, who were having lunch separately. When time arrived for the billing, the serving waitress said: “A gentleman just bought your lunches today.” When asked who, she replied, “I don’t know his name, but I would recognize him.” Thank you, sir!

Sad things last: This is addressed to the City fathers that be: am compelled to express sincere sadness regarding the disrespectful condition of the Mount Hope Cemetery grounds this year. The grounds are not properly being maintained: headstones are sinking, ground sod is dying, sections have barren ground, and the ground squirrels own the lower sections! Where, o where, are the sprinkler systems? I have yet to visit and see a current watering sprinkler in any of the designated sections! I do understand budgets, but I can’t comprehend why the cemetery is NOT a priority for respectful maintenance; especially, with perpetual care charges of $800+ and especially when an existing dedicated trust fund was bequeathed to the city for just that exact purpose. What is the problem? No excuse accepted!

Cheryl Gushman

Baker City