James Thomas should resign from City Council

I recently moved to Baker City, yet I am outraged that Councilor James Thomas has not tendered his resignation after being arrested for drunk driving recently. He was quoted in your article as saying, “I’ll do the right thing for the city.” I’m curious, is the right thing to have another drink and act like nothing happened? His blood alcohol level was quoted as being 0.21. That’s almost three times the legal limit in Oregon! He should have immediately resigned his position on the city council and sought help for his apparent drinking problem.

The issue here is that he endangered the population of Baker City, who elected him to represent them, by driving drunk in our city. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) website says that in 2016, 10,497 people were killed in drunk driving related crashes. That’s approximately the entire population of Baker City! Who in Baker City wants to end up a statistic on the NHTSA website because of James Thomas? I would be shocked to learn that this was the first time he has done this. Most drunk drivers get away with it for years until they either injure or kill someone, or get arrested. My grandkids and daughter are on the streets of Baker every day. It’s shocking to think that one of Baker’s city councilors is out there endangering their lives.

James Thomas needs to do the right thing and resign from the city council immediately.

Gary L. Clark

Baker City

Thief steals from veteran

This letter is for the thief that was so brazen to come into my driveway and steal a chrome trailer hitch off a disabled vet’s pickup. But I am sure you have no honor or respect for other people’s property. You were never taught that.

Bill Lee

Baker City