Voters should replace Walden with McLeod-Skinner

We dearly need a new member of Congress to represent us in District 2.

Greg Walden has lost touch with our district. With the exception of photo opportunities and private meetings Walden has been unavailable to the people he was elected to serve. Requests for town halls across our district have been ignored.

Who is Walden representing — us or the corporations that fund his campaign? According to the latest FEC filings Walden accepted more money from pharmaceutical and healthcare companies than anyone else in Congress. Result — Walden’s key healthcare votes all favor industry over people.

Recently Walden held a fundraiser in the Portland area for wealthy donors along with Representatives Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy. The three of them led the charge to dismantle the ACA despite the fact that 1 out of 5 people in our district would have lost their healthcare coverage.

Walden also leads the House as the top recipient of donations from telecommunications giants. Result — he votes to end net neutrality.

Rep Walden voted for tax cuts to further enrich billionaires, corporate CEOs, and stockholders. His solution to Baker County poverty is to give more to those at the top. This is the same discredited “trickle-down” economic theory that caused Reagan to triple the national debt and George Bush to double the national debt. Walden’s voting record favors Big Business over working people. Walden’s billboards say he is “working for us.” Is he? Or is he working for the multi-national companies that paid for the billboards?

It’s time for a leader who works for us — not wealthy campaign donors. It’s time for Jamie McLeod-Skinner. She supports people over politics. She says, “When it comes down to people versus money, folks in our district know where they stand and it’s about having an independent minded representative.”

McLeod-Skinner has visited every county in our district to meet and listen to as many constituents as possible. Her campaign emphasizes jobs, healthcare, environment, education and veterans — all vital concerns for our district. McLeod-Skinner knows who she is responsible to — the voters of District 2. She will be the kind of public servant we need.

Cynthia Roberts

Baker City