Plenty of people like to hear roosters crowing

I am writing regarding the City Council’s attempt to ban rosters. This is not just about irritating sounds. It’s about our city and the people who live here. I submit there are at least as many people who like the crowing of roosters as those who want it stopped. I understand how someone can be annoyed by noise when they are trying to sleep. I myself have been awakened by the garbage truck and its screeching brakes. But I cannot get it banned.

My father told me that during the time he was living at Washington State in college housing there was a farm on the campus with cows, sheep and chickens. His neighbor lady was always out in her yard at sunrise. She said she got up early to hear the roosters crow. She had been born and raised in New York City and the sounds of the farm were beautiful to her.

If you make the decision to ban roosters, will you then ban guinea hens, turkeys, peacocks and geese? Will there ever be an end. And will Baker City be more and more like New York City?

Dan Van Kirk

Baker City