Passing school bond will benefit Baker students

I am writing in support of Measure 1-88. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer in my son’s classroom the past two years at Brooklyn and have seen firsthand the overcrowding. I’ve helped during stations in the modular classrooms and led groups shoved in a corner of a crowded hallway trying to work with the students barraged with constant distractions. No location at Brooklyn is even large enough to hold an assembly where parents can come and witness their children being recognized for their accomplishments due to fire code restrictions. Our kids deserve a building that meets their needs, and this bond measure will do that.

I taught eighth grade for three years in rural Iowa and during that time I had a gifted younger student take my class. Unfortunately, this meant that when he was in eighth grade he had to be bused to the high school to continue his math education. This student missed out on other classes because of the time he spent riding a bus. It would have been much less disruptive and highly beneficial for this child and many others to have greater access to classes offered at the high school. Our middle school students here in Baker City would also benefit from greater access to advanced courses and vocational opportunities at BTI. Moving the seventh- and eighth-grade students to the high school makes these possibilities a reality without losing out on other classwork. At the same time, the proposal outlines an excellent plan to keep these younger students separate and safe — with their own cafeteria and gymnasium completely separate from the high school proper.

On Nov. 6, I’m voting YES for our kids. I urge you to join me and vote YES on Measure 1-88.

Amanda Carroll

Baker City