Harvey’s conservative claim rings hollow; vote for Nichols

Mr. Harvey calls himself the conservative choice, but as county commission chair he is extremely liberal with spending our tax dollars for his own self-aggrandizement.

The ultimate example was his personal decision to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars unnecessarily on taking a couple of trips to Washington, D.C., which have zero real benefit to our county. No conservative would do that, especially when the county has pressing needs for that money. His poor leadership is displayed in this by the fact of his failure to consult with his co-commissioners before he made his unilateral decision to spend our money.

Mr. Harvey’s failure to be above board with his fellow commissioners on the Lime/Ash Grove issue isn’t the action of a conservative, and displays poor leadership. To cover it up by saying he didn’t have time to get the info to them, and he didn’t want to give them partial information, is a dishonest excuse. He chose not to give them the information until the last minute. By keeping his work secret he may have cost the county money. We may never know because of his blatant lack of transparency. Maybe everything ended up OK, but his approach was just plain wrong.

These are only a couple of numerous examples of Mr. Harvey’s poor leadership skills and lack of honest conservative values. It’s shocking that in a recent interview he said his main job is to get the facts and present them to his fellow commissioners when in reality that is one of his major failings.

A good conservative would present and discuss all the facts before making decisions. His idea of economic growth for our county goes against what even conservative economists have said. A good leader would be open and transparent in handling county business and not unduly waste tax money.

As a former business owner, I would not hire a person with such poor skills in leadership, communication and finance as Mr. Harvey displays routinely.

I urge you to vote for transparency, fiscal responsibility and a voice for all residents of Baker County. Vote Bruce Nichols.

Rick Meis


Harvey has proved to be an effective commissioner

I have known both candidates for Baker County Commission Position 3 for some years. I have followed closely the work of the commission also. I believe Bill Harvey has done a good job both fiscally and in his representation of county interests to create an environment to further the well-being of businesses, and of all of his constituents of Baker County. Bill is a mover and shaker, and knows how to bring folks along in his vision for Baker. I was not opposed to considering Bruce Nichols for my vote, but I have yet to see or hear reasons why I would replace a proven leader, with someone whose accomplishments are indiscernible.

For many years, my late husband and I ran a successful business selling and repairing chain saws, logging and mining equipment. In Vern’s absence, I’m still fighting the good fight. I know firsthand how important it is to have a healthy economy for small businesses to produce income in a community that is dependent upon its surrounding natural resources.

I am a member of the Baker County Natural Resource Advisory Committee, and active in the Eastern Oregon Mining Association. Commissioner Harvey is the only candidate who has put his commitments into action. He has always listened and proactively responded to the stated needs and recommendations of each group. With his history of contracting and building, Bill is keenly aware of the importance of the overall impact of these resources to our everyday lives.

As our county commissioner, Bill has readily shown his commitment to his stated goals. Given his excellent work I know of no reason why I would desire to replace him.

Under Bill’s leadership of the County Commission, I am seeing growth, increasing community vitality and abundant job opportunities. I love that. Let’s keep things moving. Please join me in your vote to retain Commissioner Bill Harvey.

Alice Knapp

Baker City