Why it’s important to vote for true conservative candidates

I would like to express my concerns about our need as registered voters to be informed as to whom we should be voting for at the ballot, not only on the federal and state levels but perhaps more importantly on the local level, for these candidates directly affect our individual lives, our families, children and our community. Considering the state of our culture of hatred today and mainly due to the lack of God in our public schools and the public square, it is imperative that we all become more informed as to who we select to represent our own personal character and moral values. As conservatives and Christians we must begin voting for candidates that mostly align with our own personal convictions and moral conscience. People can claim to think what they want about President Donald Trump. However we all can agree that he has proven that he does represent and take a stand for our Christian values, freedoms and rights, righteousness and justice and this is the only road back to a more loving and prosperous culture for us and our children.

We must change hearts if we are ever going to change culture. The current culture of hate and violence promoted and incited by liberals and Democrat politicians alike is killing the children’s future and the culture as a whole. We all must think outside of ourselves and to love our neighbors as ourselves, as God commands. Conservatives and Christians alike must unite and start electing only true conservatives in the Republican Party that represent our righteous concerns and values. Today too many liberals run as conservatives, claiming to be conservatives but do not represent the true conservative values and principles, but liberal agendas dividing the party and making it ineffective as a body to accomplish conservative goals, a vote for a liberal GOP is a vote for Democrats’ destructive agendas.

We must be forever mindful of electing candidates that stand with our conservative principles and values that are dear to us, concerns and support the need as conservatives and Christians to take back our local public education system, as the current dysfunctional U.S. Department of Education’s extreme left wing liberal arts curriculum indoctrination of the liberal destructive agendas, hate, resist, lawlessness, disrespect for others and nation that has given us the culture we are witnessing today.

Vote your moral conscience, the spirit of Christ within! May the love, mercy and grace of our Lord be with you as you mark your ballots.

Donald Beck

Baker City

Harvey has shown his dedication to Baker County

I am writing in support of Bill Harvey for county commissioner. I have been impressed by Bill’s ability to see a problem and find a solution. I have had the opportunity to speak with Bill on several occasions and he has always been truly concerned and receptive to my ideas, concerns and opinions. I respect Bill’s determination to gather as much information as possible before making decisions that affect our county and its communities. Bill is genuinely concerned and dedicated to doing the very best job he can as commissioner. His interests lie in protecting and working for the interests and needs of Baker County citizens.

Bill has shown to be extremely successful in partnering with our county’s major employers for the betterment of our communities. One example being his efforts in working with Ash Grove and helping bring the new Grocery Outlet to Baker City.

Bill has been recognized by Washington, D.C., for his steadfast interest and protection of our access to national lands. He has in the past and continues to work diligently for protecting mining and agriculture.

I am voting for Bill Harvey for county commissioner because Bill has shown that he cares about the county and its communities. Bill will stand alone on an issue to protect our rights. We need Bill Harvey as county commissioner and not a career seeker who will take the easy way out.

Marilyn Shollenberger

Baker City

Change happens by voting, not by destroying property

It’s been almost two years since the presidential election took place and the people spoke. Last week, the Senate confirmed judge Kavanaugh to the bench of the Supreme Court. Why is it the radicalized left won’t allow democracy to move forward? Ever notice most wear masks? Why is that you might ask. Usually one wears a mask to conceal their true identity as they are preparing to perpetrate a crime. A crime of violence. Why? Our responsibility as American voters is to voice our opinions via our elections, not the destruction of property or worse, injuring others out of hatred. You see, I may disagree with you, even strongly, but I don’t hate you. I would never burn, vandalize or harm you or your property. I would never stalk you or scream obscenities at you or send death threats to you and your family.

We, as Americans, have a right to “peaceful demonstrations,” not the anger and violence the extreme left has been cultivating and committing. You don’t find conservatives mobbing an elected official or throwing objects in defiance. I had no love for our last president but supported his decisions as our elected leader. It lasted eight years to my displeasure. Not once did I riot or actively protest him, nor did others in my party. It’s not about Republican vs. Democrat, it’s us as Americans on a united front to the world. Standing united against the oppression and criminalization of other leaders’ policies. If we don’t rally together soon, mark my words, we could see yet another civil war. Brother against brother once again. C’mon America, drop the mask and move on, there’s always the next election just around the corner. You can change leaders but we can’t change the fact that we are Americans first and foremost. Let democracy live, you won’t like the alternatives.

Thomas Wilcoxson

Baker City

Consider morals, as well as politics, in choosing candidates

You know me. I have taught you or your kids soccer, English, reading or yoga. I have sat on committees with you, baby-sat your kids, or brought you a meal, and you have helped me feel part of the Baker City community.

Some things you might not know: I was molested by my host father when I was 15 and an exchange student to Japan. I ended a marriage when I was hit in the face, in front of our kids and my mom, by my former spouse. I was stalked, relentlessly, by a member of the local community who made me afraid to be in any room where I can’t see a door or window.

I am sure you can guess the outcome of these situations: ignored, downgraded, and the blame shifted back to me.

I am revealing this so that maybe you can understand my shock with a voting majority who supports evil people. A majority who can look at long lists of abuses and yet support the person(s) in order to keep their party in office.

Maybe, sharing these abuses with you will result in the knowledge that abuses are happening all around you to your family, friends and acquaintances. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, maybe, next time, we can support someone who not only has the political beliefs that match ours, but also has the moral temperament to curb evil.

Mae Corwin

Baker City

School bond makes it even harder to make ends meet

Yep, we need to pass the bond for the kids. Or should I say, to the kids. After all, most of us old timers will be dead and gone. That just leaves the kids to pay it, along with their school loans and whatever else comes along.

It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet when you are depending on Social Security. After all, we haven’t received a pay increase in at least two years.

When you set down and take paper and pencil to figure out how much this bond is really costing you, don’t forget to add 3 percent per year to your taxes and bond.

Joe Johnson

Baker City