Kids put on a great and funny play

Last week my husband and I were privileged to attend the Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre’s children’s rendition of “Puss in Boots” We had a wonderful time! The children did a fine job, the script was funny and they even incorporated audience participation. It really was fun!

The night we were there, little Maliyah Culp acted in the starring role of the infamous Boots. She did an amazing job! Memorizing all those lines was quite something for a first-grader, but she did very well. And the “dwarf ogre” was hilarious!

Lisa Ensworth, director for the play, certainly did a fabulous job getting the children to speak up, memorize their lines, and honing their acting skills. Her hard work certainly paid off. It was well worth attending and, though that play ended this weekend, I hope others will come out and support future plays at the regional theater. I think they will be pleasantly surprised.

Pam Sundean

Baker City

A great chance for all-abilities playground

Hello, my name is David Kassien. I am the co-owner of D&J Taco Shop here in Baker City. I truly believe Baker City should have the playground for all abilities. I personally raised a daughter with cerebral palsy. Although I would never change a thing about her it wasn’t always easy for her growing up. She always wanted to do what the other kids did and she was determined. Having someplace where she could go play and feel included and feel like she could do everything just like the other kids would have been amazing. I always taught her to rise above and keep moving forward despite her disability. She has grown into a very independent and strong-willed young woman. Having this park in our community is an amazing opportunity for so many of our kids with disabilities as well as the ones without. Thank you.

David Kassien

Baker City

Baker goes all in for playground contest

Baker, you leave me speechless. Which is hard to do (ask my husband). I’m not sure I can accurately express my gratitude to our little community for being “all in” in regards the Moda Assist All-Abilities Playground Grant opportunity. But I’m sure going to try.

As of 7 a.m. on March 5, we were leading by over 8,000 votes. Every single time I check social media, someone new has shared a post asking their friends and family to vote. Every single business we approached about posting signs and fliers, or covering their tables with table tents, or handing out voting cards, without hesitation, said “we’re in!” And meant it.

The thing is, we need this. Big time. But we needed it whether or not Baker was ever nominated for the playground grant. The conversations that are taking place right now are like shouting from the rooftops that YOU want to create a place where children who experience disability can play, because they deserve to play with their peers, but also because you want them here! Engaged in community. Not just accepted. But invited in, and cared for. And you are willing to fight for that.

And that is huge.

We are ahead right now, but please don’t assume that can’t change. Keep voting! Every single day. Ask everyone you know to do the same. And when voting is over, we will celebrate no matter what happens. Because Baker, you are awesome!

Vote here:

Cassi LeTourneau

Baker City

Please help bring playground to Baker

I am writing to encourage all Baker County residents, friends of residents and visitors to vote for Baker City in the Moda Assist Program Playground Grant.

It’s easy and free. Every day from now until March 20 cast your vote at so our city can receive a much-needed grant to help fund an all-abilities playground right here in Baker City. All of the children who live here deserve a place where they can play and interact with their peers in a safe and fun setting.

Help us make this possible by casting your vote and asking your friends and family to vote also. Anyone in the United States can vote for Baker City. Please spread the word and vote daily.

Krista Cook

Baker City