Weeds mar city’s beauty

I have lived in Baker (City) most of my life. I consider it home and a fine place to live. However, I do have some comments about the town.

Baker professes pride in being called a tree city, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be better described as a weed city. In the spring almost any direction you go you can see whitetop and dandelions growing in abundance. On top of that there is a good supply of elm trees that are nothing more than big weeds themselves. When their seeds start falling the surrounding area is covered with them, and if the wind is blowing it’s almost like a snowstorm. I have been in Baker’s library, stepped out the back door and seen the surface of Powder River covered with elm seeds.

If you live in an area that contains elm trees as we do, you spend the summer eliminating seedlings from your garden area much like fighting weeds.

If you really want to beautify our town, how about promoting the elimination of whitetop, dandelions and a few elm trees.

Dick Culley

Baker City