Disappointed by political signs at Haines parade

I have enjoyed attending the Haines 4th of July parade for 35 years. However, over the past several years several floats and groups of folks have displayed very divisive and tasteless political comments. (Flush Governor Brown down the sewer, if it’s brown flush it down, several folks around us thought the slogan was attacking Hispanics.) Parades should be for everyone and come together to celebrate. It’s not a time to get on a soapbox and spew your political feelings. The committee that is in charge of the parade could tamp this down by screening the parade applicants and insist on no divisive partisan entries and slogans.

Next year is an election year and there are sure to be a number of groups that will want to exhibit extreme tasteless political views. This should not be what a 4th of July parade is about. I would hope that a parade is one place we could set aside our political views and enjoy a coming together. I am not the only one who feels this way. Many folks that stood around me did not like the political floats and the applause was very spotty. People come from all over the area and do not necessarily side with the radical groups. Several groups said that they would not come back next year. We attend many parades in a year and you seldom see hateful and divisive slogans in them. Most parade organizers know that folks will stop attending if it becomes a protest assembly. If you agree, please contact the Haines parade committee and share your concerns.

Dave Lange

Baker County