City needs to enforce property maintenance rules

There are increasing numbers of properties in this city that have become absolute eyesores and beyond. An abundance of renters and property owners show no consideration for their neighbors or their city, evidenced by their accumulation of trash and lack of attention to their yards. Rabbitgrass, buttonweed and noxious weeds are common sights, and unmowed, unkempt yards are becoming a norm in several neighborhoods.

It is shameful when visitors from out of town (I have many stay with us) ask, “are there no laws governing the appearance of properties in your city?”) While there are many that take pride in the curb appeal and the effort to maintain the appearance in their neighborhoods, there are those renters and landowners who seemingly couldn’t care less. It is apparent the city of Baker City has the same attitude.

For those of us that have the concern for our neighbors to keep our grass mowed, weeds controlled and without garbage building up on our front porch, or the pickup truck and trailers with flat tires setting on the street, there is no reward. For those of us that choose not to, there are no penalties. Baker City has property maintenance and abatement laws, but lacks the courage and the tenacity to enforce those laws. Ask your city councilors, when is the last time a property was abated, and properties liened to cover costs?

Come on, councilors and Mr. Warner, do your jobs. Make Baker City the city people want to be proud of, and others want to visit! It should not be up to neighbors constantly filing complaints. You have eyes and it is your responsibility to enforce your own ordinances. Please get it done.

Code enforcement helps enhance our community’s livability and quality of life, improving the overall appearance and economic development of our city. Enforcement involves a wide spectrum of areas, including parking enforcement, weed abatement, junk yards, etc.

Victor Tate

Baker City