Herald should use caution in selecting outside materials

I am responding to the editorial “Trump a symbol for hate groups” by Trudy Rubin, which appeared in the March 25 edition of the Herald .Our nation is being torn apart by dissension, extreme and vicious dissension, which is being fed by fast-growing factions on the far left and the far right. It seems that the folks who populate these factions cannot tolerate ideas that differ from their own ideas or the people who hold these differing ideas. To the point that they, the ideas and the folks that hold them, must be destroyed.

Thus we see writings in newspapers, magazines and other media which distort the word positions of those being disagreed with. Meetings and public hearings are being disrupted. People attending rallies and other outdoor events are being assaulted and sometimes even killed. Viscous attacks from the far left and the far right are continuing at a seemingly faster and faster pace.

When a publication such as a newspaper publishes that which distorts the truth and fans the flames of dissension, it becomes a purveyor of these distortions and a contributor to the problems our nation is facing. The editorial to which I refer is such a writing and the Herald, by publishing this editorial, has become a purveyor of these distortions and a contributor to the problem.

I urge the Baker City Herald to use great care in selecting outside material to publish. You are in a position to do much good or cause great harm.

Sig Siefkes

Baker City

Walden and colleagues should work to deal with warming

Recently Rep. Greg Walden sent out a bulletin with the title “A path forward on climate change,” in which he announced that Congress will take up the issue. “Let me be clear: climate change is real,” he wrote.

Yet the Trump administration, with the backing of Congress, withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Accord, to which almost every country in the world is signatory. The Trump administration, instead of leaving carbon fuels in the ground, is trying to make the U.S. into the world’s leading supplier of fossil fuels, including issuing permits for off-shore drilling.

The March 29 issue of the Baker City Herald contains in its Section B a powerful essay by Pat Wray attacking President Trump for withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Accord in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence. Wray writes that the Accord, “could not stand against the pure, aggressive ignorance embodied by the amoral autocrat (Trump) whose personal understanding of the concepts of good and bad, of success and failure, revolve around money.” Wray criticizes Trump for having “systematically defunded and dismantled government agencies designed to protect our environment.” Bottom line, “continuation of global warming may well result in the extinction of humanity.”

I hope that Rep. Walden and his Republican colleagues will work across the aisle with Democrats to save humanity.

Gary Dielman

Baker City