Miners Jubilee wouldn’t have been the same without the parade.

Fortunately we won’t have to deal with an ersatz version of one of Baker City’s signature summer events.

Last week, with just 12 parade entries signed up — typically there are about 60 — Shelly Cutler, executive director of the Baker County Chamber of Commerce, issued a call for more.

“Nobody wants to go to a parade that only has 12 entries,” she told the Herald.

The community, as it so often does here, responded with speed and enthusiasm.

In less than four days, the number of entries more than doubled, to 26 as of Monday, July 12, when Cutler announced that the Miners Jubilee parade would happen as usual on Saturday morning.

As of Tuesday afternoon there were 31.

Cutler said about a dozen of the entries are from groups or businesses that previously hadn’t participated in the Miners Jubilee parade.

Thanks to them, and to everyone else who is devoting time and effort to make the parade possible.

The procession will start at 11 a.m. and follow the usual route. From the start at Baker Middle School, entries will travel east on Broadway Street, turn south onto Second Street, then east on Valley Avenue and then north on Main Street for the final stretch to the finish at Madison Street.

The parade is another positive sign that the summer of 2021 is a very different season than its immediate predecessor, when so much was canceled, or diminished, due to the pandemic.

The Baker City Cycling Classic returned.

This weekend Miners Jubilee is back, along with the Baker City Bronc Riding competition Friday evening and the Bull Riding event Saturday evening.

Later this summer, the Baker County Fair, which was somewhat constricted in 2020, will return as usual, and so will the East-West Shrine All-Star Football Game, which was canceled a year ago.

Even the weather appears to be cooperating — sort of.

The heat will persist this weekend, but Friday and Saturday, at least, look to be a few degrees cooler than what we’ve endured since late June.

But regardless of the temperature, it will be refreshing to again see a community gathering after a long period marked by isolation.

— Jayson Jacoby, Baker City Herald editor

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