Brown, Democrats stealing from Oregon taxpayers

In the article on Page 3A of the April 15 Baker City Herald headlined “Brown unveils plan to control PERS costs for schools,” she has proven herself to be nothing better than a common thief. In order to try to “backfill the growing deficit,” the governor has chosen to misappropriate (steal) funds from the taxpayers of Oregon.

In order to come up with approximately an extra billion taxpayer dollars, Gov. Brown has chosen to get the funds from the following sources:

• Transfer $500 million from SAIF Corporation — that is the property of customers of SAIF Corporation as an Oregon governor found out in the 1980s.

• Keep the portion of any taxpayers’ kicker check that exceeds $100 — the average check is usually several hundred dollars per taxpayers. This act of thievery is estimated to bring in between $400 million and $500 million. Note — she (and her minions in the Legislature) have already stolen $108 million from the projected 2020 refund check through a parliamentary maneuver.

• Transfer $100 million of Lottery funds included in the state budget.

• Take $83.3 million from additional taxes from the Trump tax reform that are the repatriation of corporate profits.

All of this comes at a time when state revenues are at record levels. Apparently, there is NEVER enough money for the liberal Democrats to spend. This is what happens when you have supermajorities in both houses of the Oregon Legislature. All of these things can (and will) be accomplished without one Republican vote.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget about the proposed carbon “cap and trade” bill... if passed it will increases taxes on gasoline by 15 cents per gallon AND devastate the rural Oregon economy. Their messaging on this bill makes it sound like it will only affect businesses, but when businesses go away, then where will you work?

Remember, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Joe Bailey

Baker City

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