A different perspective on co-sleeping

About a year ago I drove to the hospital for my 3-month, 20-minute, $150 check up to make sure the old ticker was still working. As I was leaving I noticed a large billboard that said something like “co-sleeping is dangerous.” That could mean more than one thing but this was in reference to babies that die while sleeping with their mothers. I am sure that most mothers are hopefully aware of this, but some people forget that when a mother gets pregnant, she sleeps with her baby for the next 9 months. Then mother gets morning sickness for 3 months or so. Then it’s off to the doctor for regular exams. Next is the diet, varicose veins, cooking, housework and all the fun things in life. Then labor pains while dad is watching football; anything to ruin a good game. Then comes the baby and the fun really starts. Mother has to feed the baby day and night. She has to get up at night and fix bottles, cuddle the baby in bed to stop the crying because dad probably has to work in the morning. Mother is worn to a frazzle but this only goes on for about 18 years... are men ever brought up in this nightmare? Yes, sometimes. Occasionally a baby dies in a co-sleeping accident and no one will ever convince me that this is not an accident, especially when the government will pay for an abortion with no strings attached. I looked up some statistics. Co-sleeping causes 133 accidental deaths in the U.S.A. every year. 3,500 babies are lost to SIDS in the U.S.A. every year. A Johns Hopkins study shows that 250,000 people die each year from medical mistakes in the U.S.A. Very interesting. Check it out.

Grover Mann

Baker City

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