Extend playground effort spirit to political commentary

It raised my spirits to read the three Heart to Heart letters in support of the Moda Assist All-Abilities Playground that were published in the Herald’s March 11 paper. I have voted every day for this new playground for Baker City. Cassie LeTourneau and her group have done an excellent job of getting the word out and promoting strong community support. Our collective votes have created a strong lead in this contest and the prospect for playground funding looks good.

On the next page of the paper, however, I was dismayed to see yet another political cartoon criticizing Democrats, specifically our new US representatives that are women of color. We need to extend the same support and respect that we are demonstrating for our children to other members of our community, especially when they devote their time and energy to running our city, state and nation.

We don’t need to agree with our elected officials or our fellow citizens about everything or approve of each viewpoint they hold. Quite the opposite. We need to voice our opinions clearly and stand up for our values with passion, but we can do this respectfully and without creating division and setting up an “Us vs. Them” attitude.

Let’s harness this positive energy that will help bring a wonderful new playground to Geiser-Pollman Park and use it for other creative projects that will benefit our local and national community.

Gretchen Stadler

Baker City

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