Concerned about accuracy of allegations against coach

I’ve known Warren Wilson for nearly 40 years — 20 as a girls’ basketball coach at Pine-Eagle when we played his teams from Wallowa, and another 20 as a friend. I got to know him even better after he and his wife retired, and after her being diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia, he moved to Baker City so his wife could get care at Settlers Park.

I find the latest charges against him very troubling and so out of character from the Warren I know. He had the utmost respect from every coach I knew and also from the many kids he taught and coached. He was honestly loved by his players.

I don’t claim to know everything, but as a former coach, I worry about injustice. We read on a regular basis, kids who don’t get enough playing time, kids who don’t make the starting team, or parents who think their kid is the next pro athlete. So they blame the coach.

A school board’s job, and the administrators’, is to make sure a proper investigation takes place. Interview the coach, his fellow coaches, his immediate supervisors, and as many players as possible who played for him, as well as any other place he may have coached. I think parents of all these kids should also be interviewed.

I’m not certain most of these things happened. I was truly surprised the public hearing was held during high school practice when kids couldn’t be there and conveniently when the baseball team was out of town.

We are talking about a person’s reputation being ruined by allegations that may not be true. A thorough investigation with so much at stake is essential.

A very concerned ex-coach.

Chuck Peterson

Baker City

What happens to a nation whose citizens are cowed

Please read this quote from Edward R. Murrow. This is what America is now. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Pat Guymon

Baker City

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