Troubled by cases pitting citizens vs. local government

I have nothing but the utmost respect for our local law enforcement personnel, an extremely difficult, dangerous and thankless job to say the least. This makes the recent front page stories in the Herald regarding the turmoil (actions, reactions, allegations and pending lawsuits) surrounding our peacekeepers vs. citizens/former citizens very difficult to process.

I am troubled that an alleged misdemeanor trespassing/criminal mischief violation at an abandoned lime plant has become any sort of drain on our local resources and dollars. I can’t quite wrap my head around the reasons? I feel as if we have been left in the dark on the circumstances. An alleged trespassing and graffiti incident at an abandoned factory in an unpopulated area leads to the seizure of a gun and concealed carry permit? Possibly that action was by the book, I wasn’t there, but feel that part of the story is missing. When an officer’s actions are questioned with a complaint is it policy to seek a search warrant on the complainant? I have no reference, I wasn’t there, just asking. Was the issuing of that search warrant believed crucial? Somebody thought so but I was hoping to read the why? Is there some kind of underlying animosity amongst participants? So many undisclosed and/or missing pieces to the story.

Equally troubling is the opinion of a U.S. District Court judge that sufficient evidence may exist leading to the possibility that our City may have been the cause of adverse actions connected to Brian Addison’s protected free speech. The circumstances in both cases seem oddly out of place in Eastern Oregon where free speech and the right to carry weapons is close to sacred. Whether any of these allegations, accusations and actions are necessary, unnecessary, with merit or without, and with only partial information, I still believe that we could be using our public servant’s valuable time and our City and County coffers for more beneficial pursuits.

Praying for swift and peaceful resolutions in both cases.

Mike Meyer

Baker City