Struggling to process recent letters to the editor

Been struggling to process disturbing events starting with two recent letters to the editor. One contributor wanted awards to be given for the killing of wolves, on the same page was a religious-based rant about protection of accused sexual abusers? That’s only the local craziness!

On a national level our beloved president has decided to illegally shrink our protected lands (with intense prodding from our newly appointed Secretary of the Interior Ryan “Oilinterests” Zinke). This should be a wake-up call to any, and all, who fight daily to retain our own local treasures and pristine lands. The reasons for this sudden take away of land protections is not that difficult to decipher — fracking, coal, uranium ... things in the ground that equal even more money for people that already have more money than God. Never mind that one of the richest historical, archaeological, paleontological sites in our country will now potentially be opened to big business. The people of Utah voted overwhelmingly to leave it alone!

As to the wolves, I can’t remember who wrote that letter but couldn’t help but notice that it was signed by a lot of wolf haters. I am not sure if they are likeminded farmers and ranchers or if they just have a strange mutual hate for wolves? Those magnificent creatures were here long before us, long before people, their farms or introduced cattle, sheep etc. Once the Native Americans and buffalo were extinguished and the ranchers/cattlemen took over ... the wolves were extinguished. If that is what our friends are talking about when they say that “we have done fine without them,” then all I can do is wonder. Along with every living Native American.

As to the checking, double-checking, triple-checking of sexual harassment accusers, good idea as long as we’re not using the “new living translation Bible” or the “frequently revised interpretation Bible” for the reasoning! How about “the Bible according to how I interpret it so as to justify my political leanings.” Yikes!

Mike Meyer

Baker City

Wolves preying on wildlife, domestic livestock

I totally agree with Gordon Bloom and his friends about the wolves. All they are good for is to kill off the defenseless deer, elk and domestic livestock. It’s too bad the environmentalists don’t have any idea where their food comes from, nor do they care as long as they can run to the store and buy it.

I like our neighboring state’s motto: “Shoot, shovel and shut up.”

Pat Culley

Baker City