No new taxes: Vote No on Measure 101

Ballot wording for Measure 101 tries to mislead us that this isn’t another new tax that our Salem politicians have come up with. By calling it an assessment, they try to fool us into voting for it. Calling a tax an assessment is like calling a rose by another name — it is still a rose. In reality Measure 101 is nothing but a new tax on hospitals, health insurers, and coordinated care organizations. This new tax will be passed on to you and me thus driving up the cost of our health care. It is time to tell Salem to live within their means just as we have to do. If you are tired of new taxes — vote NO on Measure 101.

Terry Speelman

Baker City

Vote No on Measure 101: It’s a tax, not an ‘assessment’

Having taken an interest and time to read through the Voters Pamphlet for the Oregon special election slated for Jan. 23, I am truly convinced that Oregon taxpayers are being played for “fools”!

Definitions according to Webster’s dictionary follow:

ASSESSMENT: The official determination of a value for tax purposes.

TAX: A payment imposed and collected from individuals or businesses by government.

TAX SHELTER: A credit or allowance that reduces taxes on current earnings for an individual investor or corporation.

EXEMPT: To free or excuse from an obligation or duty to which others are subject to provide.

BALANCED BUDGET: The agreement of totals in the debit and credit ledgers of an account. Meaning the income and outgo of a monetary account being equal annually. No robbing Peter to pay Paul!

Hopefully, if you possess any comprehension at all, you should be able to fully understand that Measure 101 is most definitely a tax. And as such, individual taxpayers, small businesses, school districts, hospitals, and insurance companies will all be additionally taxed if this Measure 101 passes. And those additional tax costs will be passed directly to the individuals through increased price charges; and with dollars removed from classroom educational budgets!

Also, isn’t it infuriating to read that special exempt large corporations, special interest political contributors, unions and other state “bipartisan senators” all are exempted from this tax (oops, assessment) that they voted to pass onto each of us? Not even to mention the disgusting cost of this special election and the 48 pages of print to enlighten us all.

Come on voters, get it right. Vote No on this insulting piece of legislation.

Cheryl Gushman

Baker City