City Council irresponsible to approve pay raise

Wow! A nearly $10,000 pay raise. That should help the local economy. I hope it’s all spent locally.

As for Mr. Warner and the council members: What were you thinking? I personally find your decision asinine, irresponsible and bordering on insanity. How in the world could you do such a thing when the city is nearing a financial crisis with upcoming infrastructure requirements? You cannot keep pushing it onto the citizens in the form of taxes.

Mr. Warner, did you also compare average income, population and economic base in those Eastern Oregon cities? Those items have a direct bearing on tax bases. Baker City is dead last in the cities you identified.

How can you afford a nearly $10,000 pay increase when you have to levy a $3 tax (assessment) on all water and sewer bills because you can’t pay for public safety? Public safety should be your number one concern.

There have been some serious errors in decision making lately. Mistakes that have cost the taxpayers money or will in the near future:

1. The hiring of people before land was sold to pay for them. It fell through, hence the $3 tax.

2. Shortly after the tax increase, more hires were made using grant money. This expires in three years. What then? More taxes?

3. Not enough money to enforce city codes.

4. Cutting employees’ benefits last year. Now a nearly $10,000 raise?

Shame on you, Fred Warner, and a double shame on you, City Council.

Mrs. Smith: I’m very sorry that our administration put you in this situation. The raise is more than likely deserved. I can’t believe that your co-workers are very pleased about the loss of benefits and your increase. But after all, this is the way of our administration.

Marvin Endicott

Baker City