Democrats are rewarding the wrong people

Out of touch?

OK, so we had a shutdown of our government for a few days and what exactly was accomplished with this?

More importantly, what was the reasoning behind it? Fairly simple actually. The Republicans wanted a immigration bill and the Democrats didn’t. While I’m not a Trump fan I am a conservative, and I think it’s time the Democratic Party acknowledge they lost the election and move on. They are completely out of touch with America and its people. While I didn’t vote for Obama, once he was elected I supported him as is our duty as Americans. Our Constitution is based upon free elections and the people coming together to support our country. So, that being said, Harvard just released a survey in which almost 70 percent of Americans support a wall and the end of chain migration. So why punish our military over 800,000 “dreamers” and their free benefits?

I thought our 20 million American vets’ needs should come first, before any talk of “illegals” rights or needs?

As a vet, I’m appalled by this stand they’ve taken. And as for Washington state allowing illegals to obtain drivers license without any form of documentation? Ridiculous and absurd. So, under this system, any terrorist, criminal or undesirable illegal immigrant can obtain a government I.D. and use it to identify themselves? And it only begins there, once they have it they can file for taxpayer benefits such as free college and medical. Should those “freebies” be reserved for our men and women in uniform first? Wake up Democrats! You’re rewarding the wrong people.

Thomas Wilcoxson

Baker City

An answer to the sexual abuse scandals: Just say no

I am having difficulty with the religiously motivated, roundabout, societal influenced, veiled justification and reasoning of recent sexual abuse! I don’t accept that anyone wishing to be famous has any lower standards than you or I. That they actually encourage someone to abuse them is absurd. This disgusting behavior started way before TV, movies or computers. It has been around from the beginning of man, as soon as the first evil pervert figured out they were either physically stronger or in a position of protected power and control. Finally we have reached a time, with an all encompassing media (as horrible as it might be), when there is nowhere for these deviants (male or female) to hide.

I agree that a small percentage of these abuses originate from predators in a position of power and money who rarely hear the word “no” but please don’t make the assumption that, as an American, it’s a word I can’t accept in any aspect of my life. How about we look for a way to stop it. All the perceived reasons in the world fix nothing. How about “No!” No abuse, period. I would gladly give up part of my freedoms for that consequence.

I was put through Catholic schools but didn’t focus much attention to the religious parts, too busy being a kid I guess. I do know that I was not forced to become myself and will ever be grateful to my parents for allowing me the simple freedom of deciding who I was. Assuredly I was taught right from wrong, respect for others, manners and, (a pretty easy one if you think about it) self control. My parents, without the use of a book, also instilled in me the necessity of questions. To this day I will always question interpreted biblical ideals, a personal safety net if you will. Allowing children to become who they really are, gender or otherwise, just seems the right thing to do. Using a human-based perception of God’s design to stifle or manipulate a child’s formative years feels wrong to me.

Peace to all!

Mike Meyer

Baker City