Baker’s first baby from 1926

In reading Juanita Van Cleave’s obituary I would like to make a correction. It said she was the first baby born in Baker County of the new year (1926) on Jan. 13.

I think I am the one that had that distinction as I was born Jan. 1, 1926, at about 6 a.m. My parents were Charlie and Edna Colton and they lived 10 miles north of Baker. The winters were always severe, and the county roads weren’t that great and the cars weren’t either, and antifreeze hadn’t been invented so I am very grateful that they made it to the hospital.

Of a family of 8, I believe I am the only one that was born at a hospital (the former St. Elizabeth Hospital on Fourth Street).

Just for the record.

Pat Culley

Baker City

Sharing writer’s memories

I read with interest Grover Mann’s March 2 letter to the editor. He asks if anyone remembers the Baker businesses he described. Yes, I remember all of them. The business climate he describes was increased when Highway 30 extended down Main Street, Broadway and Tenth Street.

I recall members of the Mann family that resided in Baker in the 1930s.

I’m pleased, always, when former residents return and choose to live in Baker (City).

Phyllis Badgley

Baker City