Proud of students, dismayed by some adults’ reactions

In hearing about the recent 17-minute walkout that occurred by students at my old high school in Baker City, I could not be more proud. Those students took part in a nationwide movement toward reasonable gun reform that is long overdue. After decades of mass shootings that might have been prevented by proper legislation, it is young students who are finally making this happen.

In contrast, I could not be more ashamed by the reaction of adult community members in my hometown to this act of bravery. I have witnessed widespread online hassling to a truly absurd degree not befitting of an entire community. These students are being called “entitled” and “stupid,” their actions dismissed as pointless and trendy.

Students, know this: We are with you. Stay strong. Keep fighting for justice. Together we can make this change happen.

Never, ever again.

Hayden Perkins