Bill Harvey has earned another term as commissioner

I am supporting re-electing Bill Harvey for Baker County Commissioner. Bill has done exactly what he said that he would do. He is accessible, knowledgeable and approachable.

I have talked to Bill on several Baker County issues, he has always taken time to meet with me and explain, with options, the questions that I have approached him with.

Bill is knowledgeable on many different issues. He has dealt with government agencies and moved Baker County ahead. Bill has held town meetings out here in Richland, and has made us feel that we are part of the county community, not an afterthought.

Daddy said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I think that we should re-elect Bill Harvey for Baker County Commissioner.

Bob Harris


Harvey represents local interests in federal plans

Of paramount concern, with the upcoming vote on Baker County Commission positions, is the continuing need for local priorities of our community’s knowledge, experience, wisdom and stewardship being implemented with regard to natural resources. For far too long we have seen the federal, as well as state agencies trying to dictate how, what, when our resource base is to be utilized, or if our local, adopted management plans, can have any impact at all. No one cares more about the proper functioning, sustainable care of our forests, rangeland, water, wildlife and open spaces than the people who live here, namely us. We also recognize the desperate need for us to create a viable economy, by utilizing and managing natural resources, so that our rural communities can thrive with a financial base allowing our young people to remain, have families, building toward the future.

Considering these important issues, I want to urge your vote for Commission Chair, Bill Harvey. Bill’s steadfastness in making our interests recognized by outside agencies, by bringing local resource management plans into the discussion, and determining the best practices to be used. Bill has not only been at the “table” in these discussions, he has elevated the County’s authority by demanding coordination from federal and state entities, with having our county plans presented for proper utilization, stewardship, and Best Management Practices implemented. We need this philosophy to continue, for a stronger locally driven county government, with our concerns being adhered too. Please vote Bill Harvey for Commissioner.

Curtis Martin

North Powder

Baker County landowner