Harvey has earned another term as commissioner

Here are the facts:

• Bill Harvey is the only candidate endorsed by Oregon Right to Life. Mr. Nichols declined to answer “Yes” or “No,” to half of the questions, on the ORL Questionnaire. Of particular concern was his silence on whether or not he supported state-funded abortions. Abortion flies in the face of a basic Christian tenant of the sanctity of life; that we are “Wonderfully and Fearfully made by God.” That sanctity is also a strong belief of the Nazarene Church which Mr. Nichols attends. Why the silence?

•Bill has done a wonderful job leading, encouraging and supporting his employees. I have talked with a manager of a vital county function who has never been visited by Mr. Nichols. Mr. Harvey visits that department, as he does the others regularly.

• Commissioner Harvey is involved with, has attended council meetings and supports the work of the cities within Baker County.

• Mr. Harvey is invested in, and advocates for the vital timber, ranching and mining industries of Baker County. At the debate between the candidates at the Eastern Oregon Mining Association, I, as do other members, believe some of Mr. Nichols’ answers to questions directed to him were clearly disingenuous. To the contrary, Mr. Harvey has been transparent, has always stated his support for these industries, and backed his words up by representing their long-established rights to continue to use and access claims and allotment contracts on public land. Historically, Bruce Nichols has been a non-player.

• Audit? The tardiness of the audit is consequent to an 11th hour resignation by the vendor who has traditionally performed the County audit. Mr. Nichols, a CPA, has been a commissioner for the last two years and suggested using the new auditor. If those who oppose Mr. Harvey’s leadership wish to erroneously place the blame on County leadership, Mr. Nichols, as a Commissioner must also share that responsibility.

Under Bill Harvey’s leadership we are seeing the County flourish under long needed proactive and competent leadership. Let’s keep it competent. Retain Bill Harvey as County Commissioner, Position No. 3.

Dean Spence

Baker City

Harvey has worked for his family, company, the county

Bill Harvey has a strong history!

I have seen him fight for his family.

I have seen him put his employees first.

I have seen him work tirelessly for his company.

Now I am seeing him fight for our county.

Lorrie Harvey


The author is Bill Harvey’s wife.

McLeod-Skinner supporters say parade walkers locals

The letter, (Wed. Oct 17), referring to Jamie McLeod-Skinner supporters at the Miners Jubilee parade as a “rent-a-mob” is incorrect. Disagreeing about ideology and policy is fine and to be expected. Insults and untruths are not OK.

We support Jamie McLeod Skinner for Congress.

We walked with Jamie in the parade.

We live in Baker City/County.

We are unpaid volunteers.

We waved flags and signs.

We did not pick any fights.

We gave out candy and information.

We do not troll on Facebook.

We are committed to honesty and ethics in our government, our town and our relationships with our neighbors.

We are not the only people in Baker County who believe that it is time for better representation of our congressional district in Washington.

Jeanie Zebrak

Parade organizer, Baker City

The letter was co-signed by the following Baker City residents:

Jenny Willis, Marshall McComb, Marilyn Dudek, Diane Wofford, Randy Stadler, Brianna Stadler, Whit Deschner, Mo Quinn, Kellie Trone, Marion Trone, Kathleen Kiefer, Cynthia Roberts, Mike Blank, Suzanne Fouty, Barbara Meyer, Mike Meyer, Mary Sue Rightmire, Nancy Coffelt, Barbara O’Neal, Gretchen Stadler, Ann Mehaffy, Bruce Rafferty, Leigh Heart

The letter was co-signed by the following Union County residents:

Tim Brown, Ann Brown

Harvey has earned my vote with his actions

Bill Harvey has earned my vote. I have worked over the years with Bill on the Baker County Planning Commission and the Agency-Miners Round Table quarterly meetings.

It was a pleasure working with Bill on the planning commission. He was always prepared for the meeting and there to represent fair and factual decision making. I have watched him come to the meeting with a set of observations based on facts (research) only to be changed during the meeting because additional facts had been presented he was not aware of. I respect his digging for facts, but being flexible enough to change his mind if someone presents other pertinent facts.

The Agency (Forest Service, BLM), Baker County and Eastern Oregon Mining Association meet quarterly to discuss what is transpiring on public lands regarding mining. It is a forum to bring up potential problems before they get to an unmanageable magnitude. Being a part of the miner segment of the meeting, I have observed Bill going toe-to-toe with the agencies. He is always well-informed before he speaks, he does his research. Additionally, I have observed him asking the agency representatives how can the County help you (agency). Yes, he stands strong for Baker County constituents, but is fair to all. He strives for what is just and fair.

Bill Harvey has earned my vote through my experience working with him.

Terry Drever Gee

Baker City