Walden deserves support from 2nd District voters

I am writing in support of Congressman Greg Walden. He is an honest, hardworking and experienced representative for our 2nd Congressional District. Greg Walden is chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He fights for better forest management, improved healthcare for veterans and rural America, and improvements in education for rural students. He works hard to get legislation passed that benefits all of us.

The Oregonian, Bend Bulletin, East Oregonian, Grants Pass Daily Courier and Medford Mail Tribune have all endorsed Greg Walden. Greg Walden has the skills and experience to continue to represent our 2nd Congressional District. I urge all voters to continue to support and vote for Greg Walden for Congress.

Brenda Holly

Baker City

Walden is a true friend of Eastern Oregon

Congressman Greg Walden is a true friend of Eastern Oregon. He has cham pioned many issues while in Congress related to effective use and management of our national forests. Under his leadership the Forest Service has been given new tools to reduce the potential of catastrophic wildfires by getting funds dedicated to fire prevention in addition to providing adequate funding to fight forest fires when they do occur.

He has passed legislation in the House to ensure we can remove the burned, dead trees after a fire occurs while they still have commercial value and reduce fuel to help reduce the severity of any future fires. This bill also requires replanting to help protect one of Oregon’s most valuable renewable resources.

Congressman Walden has a true heart for veterans and the military. With the passage of VA Choice (allowing vets access to doctors outside the VA), veterans are no longer restricted to the Veterans Administration to seek care. Congressman Walden has voted for funding better training and equipment for the largest pay raise for our troops in almost a decade.

Greg has voted many times to protect our local communities in areas that include protecting probably our best renewable resource, access to low-cost hydropower. He has voted to protect our dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers, supported using the best science available to determine how issues on the rivers should be managed — leaving decisions to biologists, not judges.

We need Greg’s commonsense solutions back in Washington, D.C. I ask you to vote with me to support Greg Walden for Congress.

Joe Bailey

Baker City