‘Civil Cold War’ could heat up in super blue Oregon

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s show on Sunday, Nov. 25, was about the left’s favorite topic, gun control. The video of Australia’s destruction of 600,000 semi-auto loading rifles and pump action shotguns was enough to make the far left want to saddle up their unicorns and take a ride over the rainbow. Get on with disarmament and there will be peace, love and harmony. All you have to do to believe that is ignore all of world history.

Hillary Clinton says she will run again. She lost for several reasons but two come to mind. First, she loves Australia’s gun control laws and secondly, she thinks that in this overpopulated country we need to build bridges instead of walls and let in more illegal aliens — sorry “undocumented workers.”

I have heard the term, “civil cold war” to describe the urban-rural divide over guns and borders. The time is coming when it won’t be so civil or cold if the left keeps pushing. Oregon being super blue just might illustrate that point during the next legislative session.

Steve Culley

Baker City

Column highlights media hypocrisy on Trump

I recently read a column in the Herald from a writer in Texas named John Crisp. He starts out saying that Trump has a pictu re in the White House that is in bad taste. He uses a couple of big words to impress people, as some writers do. He goes on to say that we have probably seen the picture. I don’t care to see the picture, or Washington, D.C., or Texas for that matter. By the way, does this guy have a habit of telling people what and where they can hang their pictures?

The column goes on to say that Trump was not in the military so he may not be right to lead the armed forces. Anyone remember Franklin Roosevelt? He was not a soldier and was dealing with the Japanese while their warships were heading to Hawaii that cost 2,400 lives at first strike. How about Bill Clinton, the draft dodger among other things. The Clintons sent 90 0 government people down to Waco, Texas, killed around 80 people, including 24 kids, for nothing. No Democrat B.S. excuses. Makes a guy proud of the party. How about Kennedy? He was a serviceman but took a beating in Cuba. Then we have brave Obama drawing the red line warning in Syria which Putin trampled and joined up with Syria. Obama did nothing.

This writer also mentions that he served in the military for modest pay. I am sorry ab out that. I have three grandsons and nephews in the service and all making over $50,000 per year. Some people would cry i f hung with a new rope. If you want to know what Hillary would be like as president just read the Cathy O’Brien story. Anything else the writer would like to catch up on?

Grover Mann

Baker City