Furloughed federal employee frustrated by shutdown

I’m a frustrated, furloughed, federal fellow. As I write this we’re in day 33 of the partial federal shutdown. At least my wife works but somehow the bills aren’t halved even if the income is. I’d like to see this end and get back to work. Legislation has been passed that will pay us for our time off when we eventually get back to work but how fair is that to American taxpayers for what will amount to paid vacation for us?

When things get done, or fail to get done, in Washington, D.C., there is always a solution but sadly they don’t ask me for the answer. If I had the power here’s how I’d solve the current impasse in two straightforward steps:

• Stop politicians’ pay. If the people aren’t getting paid who are willing to work, but can’t, then the people who aren’t doing their jobs shouldn’t get paid either.

• Lock the president, all cabinet members, all senators, and all representatives in one room, say the House chamber since it is large enough. And I mean lock them in — no bathroom breaks, no water, no coffee, no snacks, no computers, and no cellphones — until they come up with mutually agreeable budget and appropriate legislation. Don’t let them out until it is passed.

Now maybe you are thinking just President Trump and Rep. Pelosi could be locked away for a decision. But all the politicians should suffer a little bit for their part in this, particularly the representatives for electing Rep. Pelosi as the Speaker. Let them all gnash teeth until it is settled.

Furthermore, what should have been done during this 33 days of non-work that we’re eventually going to get paid for, is send all 400,000 of us non-workers to the border to build the wall/fence. That would have been over 13.2 million person-days. I think we could have made significant progress and would have felt better than getting paid for staying home.

Jim Carnahan

Baker City

More enforcement needed for handicapped parking spaces

I wrote a letter a few months ago on the flagrant misuse of handicap parking. The DMV requires a handicapped person to go to a doctor and certify that they are handicapped, but there seems to be no enforcement. Maybe the state could save some money if they took out all handicap parking signs. I feel I have paid my dues being a 100 percent disabled vet.

Bill Lee

Baker City