Fly the American flag to show support for our veterans

Bible prophecy from our Father’s Holy word is coming true faster than ever. Our veterans and their families have suffered a great deal in combat for our freedom. There has been a great deal of sacrifice by all armed forces of our country. When coming home after hard living in combat, they are not the same person that we knew before they left for war. Do they really receive the thanks they have earned from the people at home? And when I say home, I’m talking of the town they live in. The answer is no. But there must be a way.

The way comes from many veterans and I might say, the answers come from many soldiers who suffer from extreme PTSD. A very strong mental problem from what they had to do to save their brothers’ lives and their own. What they really see from the citizens of their towns and country is when the American flag is being flown on their front porches, as a great appreciation and a thousand thank yous for their sacrifices, and don’t forget their families. Let’s put this town as a symbol to our country as to what a real thank you is to our beloved veterans and their families, who also suffer from PTSD. Our flag stands for our freedom and the sacrifice of our men and women who serve to keep us free. United we stand under the true God of Israel, and divided we fall to evil. Fly that American flag seven days a week, 24 hours a day until our Lord and Saviour returns.

Gary Robinson

Baker City