Keep sexual, gender identity topics out of schools’ health education standards

It has been brought to my attention that Oregon schools are planning on educating our 5-year-old students in sexual and gender identity in their proposed health education standards. Yep, starting kindergarten and up to 6th grade they are proposing to expose our kids to this “gender identity” garbage. Did you know about this? Was it ever announced?

I watch, in horror, as kids commit suicide in ever increasing numbers each year, use violence in schools and become addicted to drugs/alcohol. We stand in awe and blame everything but the source. Social media has become the “schoolyard bully” and now we want to pile even more garbage onto our kids with this? Kids need to be kids and more concerned about real education and develop the skills necessary for later in life. Not confused and questioning their own sexuality. Such nonsense doesn’t belong in our schools. If parents feel the need to teach this matter, do so in the privacy of the home. Don’t force our teachers who are burdened enough already.

As a teacher, I would refuse to force this upon our children.

We’ve become so fearful of exposing our kids to Christian beliefs in our schools we’ve taken God out, and substitute Him with this and nobody questions it? Well I’m offended that my tax dollars are funding this proposed curriculum. Here’s some topics from Oregon schools own website for 5-year-olds. “List a variety of ways people express affection in various types of relationships.” “Explain that there are many ways to express gender.” “Discuss ways to communicate respectfully with and about all people of all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations” and many more.

Come on, 5-year-olds? Ridiculous! Is this really a subject we want teachers to be instructing our kids on? I would hope not. Go to the Oregon Department of Education’s “common core standards” and see for yourself. Join us at Brooklyn School Library on April 8 at 6 p.m. and voice your opposition. Keep this harmful material out of our elementary schools.

Thomas Wilcoxson

Baker City

Editor’s Note: The event at Brooklyn on April 8 is a meeting of the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), at which Betty Palmer, the school district’s assistant superintendent, is slated to explain the new state health education standards. School PTOs have no authority over those standards, which are mandated by the state. Residents who want more information about the standards can contact Palmer at the Baker School District office.