Boardman-to-Hemingway power line is far from a done deal

Reading Jayson Jacoby’s recent “State moves ahead on B2H power line” article makes the B2H line seem like a done deal. IT IS NOT. We never asked for it and still don’t want it. Instead, Jayson quotes Idaho resident and Idaho Power’ facility sitting coordinator, Jeff Maffucio, who in turn, is crowing his company’s bum’s-rush agenda. This, of course, to get the thing built ASAP come hell or high water, pay lip service to protocol while pretending to take into account the public’s objections.

Maffucio wrongly assumes that Oregon’s Energy Siting Council — after hearing and reviewing the public’s comments and complaints — will vote in Idaho Power’s favor, a process he claims will take six months. After that, Maffucio spouts that it will take another 12 to 18 months before being granted a permit to start construction of the power lines.

This, of course, is purple-ribbon poppy cock. It was Idaho Power who planted the thought that the power lines were a sure thing, that it was just a matter of time and choosing a route before it happened. The fact that we were never given a choice whether we wanted it or not was never offered to us. Well, Idaho Power and Jeff Maffucio, we are the public and we don’t want your power lines. Period. Don’t tell us when this is going to conveniently happen for you. The B2H line is anything but a done deal.

Whit Deschner

Baker City