No reason to spend money to stop train whistles

Once again we see people moving to Baker City and then complaining about the railroad’s noisy operations. How was the house purchase made? Over the internet? Didn’t you see the tracks? Not a day goes by without trains rolling along those tracks. While the complaining party lives a few streets closer to the tracks than we, the sound levels are not intrusive in our house, especially with the windows closed. We don’t complain, in fact we rather enjoy the added dimension in hearing the commerce of our country rolling through. Let’s face it, from most places in town you can hear the sounds of the interstate, aircraft flying overhead and yes, the sound of the train horn.

Another thought — do the complainers have neighbors? Interesting — there has only been the occasional whiner trying to shape the world to their particular vision as regards the railroad.

The federal requirement to change the crossings in order to create a “silent” zone adds an additional cost to the city that we cannot afford. Portland economics won’t work in Baker City. Perhaps the complainants would offer to pay for the upgrades needed. I have no interest in paying for their poor decision-making and I’m betting the majority of citizens will agree. By the way folks, don’t bother taking the survey as listed in the article — your only option is agree with them. What kind of survey is that?

As to the sound of the trains, if it really bothers you, move. You must accept that this is a personal problem and not try to demand an expensive city expenditure to make up for your poor choice in location. Might I suggest a town like Sumpter? Oh no, they have a train as well. Sorry. I guess if you prefer La Grande’s rules y’all should live there.

R.G. Rienks

Baker City