America needs immigration control, not immigration reform

In light of the recent border surge caused by President Joe Biden’s executive order essentially sending word south that the border is open, we are going to hear a lot about immigration reform.

We have been hearing that for years and nothing happens. Illegal aliens/undocumented workers just keep coming.

We hear much about a pathway to citizenship. There already is one. It starts in Guatemala, heads north through Mexico and ends when an illegal alien contacts the border patrol and says, “Here I am.”

They are then transported to a facility, names taken, bus fare paid to a new destination with a warning to come back for a court hearing, which is ignored, while they wait for amnesty and citizenship. It’s good politics: eventually they and their families will vote Democratic.

It is time to replace the immigration reform policies with immigration control. The first part of that is to define who an American is. The criteria should be having an American parent. As it is now, you can hop the border pregnant, deliver a brand-new anchor baby and start the chain migration of a family.

America’s birthright citizenship comes about by abuse of the 14th Amendment Civil War reconstruction that was intended to make citizens of those who had previously been slaves. It didn’t even cover Native Americans. It was 1924 before they thought to extend it to those who had been here for centuries.

At one time I heard of a case heading to the Supreme Court that would settle the matter, but I have heard no more. The court needs to weigh in.

The next thing that should happen is a national mandatory E-VERIFY where Social Security numbers are checked against names before you can get a job. If the name matches — fine. But if it doesn’t, you are here illegally and can’t work.

Those who employ illegals should get big fines. Desperate illegals will work a lot cheaper than native born who compete with them.

It should also be used when applying to any federal housing program. Also, the Social Security Administration should check to see how many are using the same number and those who have stolen one need to be reported to ICE. It’s no secret why there hasn’t been any enforcement. Illegal workers pay in but don’t draw Social Security. That brings in a lot money.

The Supreme Court needs to make it clear that the federal government is responsible for immigration. Sanctuary cities and states need to be abolished and illegals turned over to ICE.

The wall needs to be completed. The construction can be financed by a tax on wire transfers to Latin America, which total about $40 billion a year. Walls work. Scare a Democrat and you get a wall around Congress.

So those who think with that organ in their chest that pumps blood are probably feeling pretty angry at this letter, but I think that in an overpopulated country with housing shortages, homeless by the thousands, cities that swallow farmland, microwaving power lines and ever-widening freeways, it is time call a halt.

Native-born Americans have a negative birthrate. Liberal legal immigration quotas are ridiculous and by adding illegals we are exploding in numbers. When I was born in 1947 we had 137 million, we are at least 337 million now.

Too much immigration, too fast, stops assimilation and we end up with tribes instead of Americans.

So, do I lack compassion for those desperate people I see on the border?

No. I would like to see massive help in their home countries, and we should.

China is filling the void caused by our inaction. We have good people who would help, such as Doctors Without Borders, a revived Peace Corps and a lot of young Marines and soldiers who would be willing to eliminate a dictator, gangs and cartels.

Not everyone who thinks there is a limit to numbers is a racist, xenophobic, white supremacist, but if people don’t think their government will protect our borders there will be a surge in their numbers.

Steve Culley

Baker City

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