Concerned school district acted hastily with coach

Mr. Witty:

I find it interesting that most of the article in the Baker City Herald on April 3 regarding Warren Wilson referred to a completely different charge than the one of 2019. The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, I would assume, operates on the information that the Baker School District provides to them. I would also assume that their action in 2019 would also be based on the information provided to them. This is my concern. These are very serious charges against any coach and any investigation on a complaint against a coach of this nature should be very carefully investigated before harming a reputation for life. You do a disservice to your school district and community by not having an investigation all can respect.

I find it also interesting that the headline on the front page that 5J “acted quickly” on the accusation. A thorough investigation would not be done “quickly.” The public, and your board who acted on your report, should know whether the investigation was a fair one. i.e,....

• How many players who played on Warren’s volleyball team last fall, other than the accusers, were interviewed by your investigator(s)?

• How many fellow coaches were interviewed by your investigator(s)?

• How many immediate supervisors of Warren were interviewed by your investigator(s)?

• How many parents of Warren’s players, other than the accusers, were interviewed by your investigator(s)?

• How many people were interviewed at other places Warren has coached, including Wallowa where he spent his entire career, by your investigator(s)?

I believe I know the answers to most of these questions and I also believe your board did not have all the information they needed for a fair verdict. Using information from TSPC from 2015, which also had extenuating circumstances, would bias anyone, including your board. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what TSPC will do with the information you provided by “acting quickly.”

An even more concerned ex-coach.

Chuck Peterson

Baker City

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