America is in peril. We must recognize our peril, decide what to do, and act.

America is enduring a genocide and a mass illusion of fear and danger. COVID-19 is no more than a nasty common cold, curable by strengthening immune systems with Vitamins C and D, zinc, raw garlic, healthy food, and hydroxychloroquine.

We the people are separated from each other. Because of our separation, communities, families and economies are dying. American freedom is won when Americans congregate, decide what to do, and act. During the American Revolution we met in taverns and churches and chose to rebel against the British crown. During slavery and the civil rights movement, we congregated in churches and sang and preached our way to freedom.

The Constitution is the supreme law of our land. The First Amendment protects the right of the people peaceably to assemble. No government, from the US Senate to the smallest city council, from the CDC to a state governor, may abridge our freedom to assemble.

“Shelter in place” tried to end our right to assemble. Fortunately, my church continued to meet. We allowed God’s love to move our lives. We hugged, smiled, spoke, shared potlucks, and sang our way through 2020 and 2021. None of us died. What my beloved church did, Americans must do: congregate, talk, and act, at school board meetings, churches, cafés, city councils, music events, online events, taverns, streets. When we congregate we encourage each other. Armed with courage, we act.

Lindianne Sarno

Baker City

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(2) comments

Dan Collins

I'm usually loathe to respond to other people's letters, but your's needs it in a bad way. Cause this kind of voodoo witchery you're suggesting to strengthen the immune system is just so much balderdash. And it's dangerous.

So what are we to make of you? The fact you support folk medicine over science, and the fact you dragged your Christianity out for display, tells us you are most likely a supporter of Donald Trump&co.

You remember Donnie? Former president that dropped the ball on COVID response.

Bye, now.


Although I don't know him, I agree with Dan. Wearing masks & getting a vaccine is a medical, not political or religious issue. If you're quoting the bible or a political person/writing to back up your opinion, you have no objective basis for your reasoning. You probably should do more research.

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