Failure to tax wealthy leads to crumbling infrastructure

I take offense to the editorial “Punishing financial success.” Naturally it is written by a member of GOP and elevates the successes of the extreme rich and adores their wealth. The infrastructure in this nation is just about totally shot, thanks to those who now don’t pay any taxes, the ultra rich, thank you GOP. Yes, I do agree with taxing all for the common good of this country and that includes a bigger share from those who make the most money, and also who pay their employees the least. Those companies that make billions of dollars and CEOs that make multi millions without paying a cent on taxes because of the lowest tax rate, MUST stop so that our once great country can get back on its feet and become a wonderfully respected country again. This is not a war between GOP and DNC, but a war to keep this country divided from the rich and poor. I personally am not taking sides of either party, I will choose who I believe will help give equality to all, so that our nations total infrastructure can be healed and move forward into the 21st century instead of falling into chaos. A high-speed rail system, newer freeways, green energy taking away the environment-destroying oil, are but a few of the great things we can do for this country.

Phillip Reindl

Baker City

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