Steve Culley’s letter to the editor about gun laws in the Jan. 17 edition of the Baker City Herald confirms what I’ve always thought about Steve.

Over the years Steve’s letters to the editor have impressed me as some of the most articulate I’ve ever read.

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Liberal logic: Wanting the right to kill babies with abortions and let illegals flood our borders and kill our kids with fentanyl and all kinds of drugs...while trying to ban guns because of school shootings that don't kill even a small fraction of the kids killed by abortions and drugs. CRAZY


Once again Gary, you highlight the research that supports your opinion on the Second Amendment. How come you didn't mention the fact that drug overdoses kill way more adolescents than school shootings? To the tune of 1,146 deaths in 2021. Is it because of your flawed liberal thinking that supports Democrats and Biden letting illegals flood our southern border bringing tons of fentanyl and other drugs into our country to kill our kids?

You have always voiced your radical leftist opinion that gives normal people the knowledge to conclude you are not playing with a full deck. And why waste your time putting your contact information in your post? Who in their right mind would want to correspond with you and your lost liberal rhetoric? You need help, Gary.

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