How did Trump fail us? Let us count the many ways

In regards to the letter sent by Jim Carnahan on Dec. 31, it seems that he just might be missing, or twisting, a few facts. In his letter he even states that the “Trump team” has been rebuffed in 59 of 60 lawsuits but evidently that’s not enough proof for him? “Second hand claims” of voter fraud were investigated and proven inaccurate by each state’s voting commission. That’s still not enough? Trump’s own Attorney General William Barr has repeatedly stated that there is no evidence of any widespread voter fraud. What will it take to convince Mr. Carnahan that Trump lost? Maybe Mr. Carnahan would be convinced if Mr. Trump, himself, were to actually admit that the American people have spoken and voted him out of office instead of acting like a spoiled teenage bully who didn’t get his way?

In regards to the letter sent from Sig Siefkes on Dec. 31, it makes me wonder if he’s had his head in the sand for the last couple of years.

He doesn’t recall Trump stating that “the one person who had the virus in the U.S. was quarantined and the whole thing would be over in a week, like magic?” He doesn’t remember the World Health Organization issuing a COVID-19 warning in January 2020, that Trump ignored. He doesn’t remember Trump saying, in late January, that we won’t have to worry about the virus because “he” had “it” isolated and “it” was “under control and it’s going to be just fine”? Does he remember Trump finally declaring a national emergency in mid-March and announced the “15 day to stop the spread” guidelines? Then, maybe he’ll recall Trump stating on March 29, “if we have between 100,000 and 200,000 we’ve altogether done a very good job.”

Does he recall that by May 27 we had 100,000 deaths in the U.S.? Does he recall Trump on June 17 saying that “It’s fading away. It’s going to fade away.” Can the writer recall that on Oct. 2 Trump and his wife were confirmed to have the virus. On Oct. 10 Trump claimed that, “We have rounded the final turn” again. Remember when on Oct. 18 Trump proclaimed, “if I listened totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression ...?” The next day the death toll is over 200,000.

So, what could a clear minded, far thinking, caring person have done to combat the COV-19 virus in The United States? We won’t find out until someone who actually cares about what is happening to our fellow Americans is in charge. I don’t know how anyone can look at the facts and declare that Trump has done a good job concerning just the virus. He disputed experts from the beginning and forced states, by his inaction, to declare their own emergencies and deal with the virus on local levels. He’s been a failure and now we all just have to admit it, count up our dead and go on.

Steve DeFord


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